7th edition of The McCance and Widdowson’s Book Launch

The Composition of Foods - 7th editionThe 7th edition of McCance and Widdowson’s The Composition of Foods is now available to buy from the Royal Society of Chemistry website. There was an official book launch event held on Tuesday 16th September at The Chemistry Centre at Burlington House, London.

Invited speakers at the event presented on the importance of food composition data in their area of work.

Invited Speakers

‘McCance & Widdowson’s The Composition of Foods’ contains nutritional information on almost 1200 items, providing the most recent data on the foods currently eaten in the UK diet.

“This is a major update and release of one of the most used and cited reference works, which dates back to the 1st edition published in 1940. The book is used widely by researchers, dietitians and students in both the UK and internationally,” said Paul Finglas, Head of the Food Databanks National Capability (FDNC) that coordinated the data compilation.

With funding from Public Health England, the 7th edition has been produced by FDNC in collaboration with British Nutrition Foundation, the Royal Society of Chemistry and two analytical laboratories (Eurofins and LGC).