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Food labellingWe provide a service to calculate the nutritional content of food products for the UK food industry (especially Small Medium Enterprises, SMEs), Trading Standards Organisations and others in order to satisfy the needs of food producers who need reliable and accurate nutritional information for labelling their products as required by new EU regulations (see below).

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The calculation of nutrient content is cost effective compared to direct analysis but can be difficult for food SMEs that have little or no knowledge of nutrition and food composition. Calculation software may be available from a range of providers but is limited by the need for producers to accurately match their ingredients to available food composition data and to take into account nutrient changes during production.

We have developed and tested systems to help food producers to provide nutritional information calculated from their recipes – a cost effective and quicker alternative to laboratory analysis.

Our independence, reputation and expertise in the production of the UK Composition of Foods (McCance and Widdowson) datasets and nutrition knowledge allows us to be your experts.  Using the recipe information that you provide us with we can help you to produce the nutritional labelling you require on your products.  Where additional nutritional information is needed for ingredients, we are uniquely placed to obtain and evaluate information provided.

This service has been designed in collaboration with Norfolk Trading Standards, as well as with food SMEs.

We would be very happy to work with food producers in order to meet the updated labelling requirements, if you would like us to help you please contact us below.


The new EC Food Information Regulations (EU 1169/2011), which include nutritional information started on 13th December 2014 and become mandatory from 13th December 2016 and replace the previous food labelling regulations.

The nutrients that must be included on all nutritional information are: Energy, Fat, Saturated Fat, Carbohydrate, Total Sugars, Protein and Salt.

The Regulations say that general average nutritional values for ingredients can be used to calculate nutritional information for products. DEFRA ( the Government Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs) guidance states that data from McCance and Widdowson’s The Composition of Foods can be employed for this purpose.


FoodDrinkEurope have produced a detailed guidance document to help understand the requirements of the new regulations.

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